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Benefits of a Home / Business Security Camera System

 Best Security is a leading security camera system installation company and has been providing security systems and monitoring throughout the Kansas City area for over 30 years. Our team of security consultants is proud of their reputation of providing the Kansas City area with the latest technology in camera security systems, reliable equipment and dependable customer service at reasonable prices. We offer a free security survey with a free detailed estimate. Speak with one of our expert security consultants at 816-419-2794 to discuss adding a top rated security camera system to your business or home today. 

Wondering if your business needs a video surveillance system?

Consider these top 5 reasons most businesses decide having a security camera system installed is necessary:

  • Theft Reduction – Security cameras are a great way to prevent and reduce theft. Just having a security camera system onsite can make a thief have second thoughts. A reduction in theft can have a significant impact on profits, saving companies thousands of dollars.
  • Conflict Resolution – Conflicts can pop up in any type of industry, whether it is between a customer and an employee or between two employees. Having a video recording helps to see what exactly happened vs encountering a “he said, she said” situation, leading to the ability to make a solid decision on how best to resolve the situation.
  • Improved Safety – Camera security systems can monitor both indoors and outdoors to give your employees and customers assurance that you care about their safety, whether this is for a lone employee working on the factory floor or individuals walking to their car. Some industries must actually have security systems in place to comply with federal and state safety regulations. 
  • Evidence – Unfortunately, no security system can guarantee you’ll completely avoid criminal activity. A benefit of having a top quality camera security system for your business is the valuable evidence you’ll be able to provide investigators if a theft does occur. Our security cameras have high resolutions to pick up every detail, giving law enforcement vital information they need to help catch the thieves.
  • Savings – There is no question, the initial installation of a security system is an investment. However, a business can quickly make up the cost by the savings a security system presents. Savings come in the form of reduction in theft which is a direct bump to your profits, better customer experience so they keep coming back, and even an increase in employee productivity when they know the boss is watching.

How expensive is a commercial security camera system?

Cost is always an important factor when considering a camera security system for your business. We offer the best business security cameras at affordable prices to fit your budget. Costs of security camera system installation can range widely based on each company’s needs. Give us a call today at 816-419-2794 and we’ll discuss your specific situation and provide a free estimate on the best equipment for your needs at the best pricing, best installation and best service!

Why use Best Security for your business security camera system needs?

Simple - Experience, Quality, Dependability. We have helped hundreds of local Kansas City businesses achieve their security goals with our five star security consultants who can recommend the best security cameras for your business or home, provide superior security camera installation and unparalleled customer support. We are the experts at security solutions and will set up at time to meet with you to assess your floor plan and property lines and then determine which security system will best fit your needs. We can work with all types of budgets to build you a wireless or hard-wired security camera system for your business to keep an eye on inventory, employees, customers, cash registers, back doors and even parking lots. Peace of mind is important, working with Best Security ensures your business’s safety and security is in trust-worthy hands. Call us at 816-419-2794 to receive a free security assessment.

What Are Our Security Camera Systems Capable of? 

Best Security has the knowledge and experience to equip your business or home with state-of-the art security camera systems complete with WiFI, DVR capability and high-tech video camera options that give you with the ability to automate your business or home security. Our top-rated security cameras for business allow you easy control and monitoring from one central hub which permits flexibility of controlling security, locks, lights and thermostats from remote locations through your cell phone, desktop or tablet. Our high-tech security camera systems monitor movements for areas both inside and outside including shopping areas, parking lots and door access. We also offer options that allow you to see what is happening on and around your property, receive alerts when doors and windows are opened, and even provide an in-depth review of your energy use and tips to decrease your energy usage with our energy management system.
In addition to business and residential security systems we also provide: Burglar Alarms, Door Alarms, Window Alarms, Home Automation Systems including Lighting Control, Home Security Apps along with Mobile Security Apps, Interactive Security Systems, Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras and Surveillance systems, and more.
We are proud to sell leading security system equipment from Honeywell, 2Gig, GE Home Security, DSC First Alarm, First Alert, Ademco, Bosch Security System and many more to choose from.

Honeywell Security Systems include the following:

  • Tuxedo Touch Intuitive Controller - Easy to learn when controlling your security system, home control functions, viewing or recording video.
  • Lynx Touch - Provides control of security system, lights, locks and thermostats including viewing video on a 7” or 4.7” screen.
  • Outdoor/Indoor System - Allows you to listen for sound of breaking glass, receive alerts of motion on smartphone if detected in a protected area.
  • Environmental Sensors - Notifies you when detecting floods, leaks and extreme temperatures in case of danger to your business, office or home.
  • Theft Protection Sensors - Can be affixed to any valuable in your business or home to alert you of an attempt to move or disturb an object.
  • Remote Locking - Lock your doors from our smart phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

2GIG is a leading brand of small business security management systems. Security systems come with 3G, WiFi, DVR capability and feature-rich video. 2GIG features Z-Wave automation which provides customers with one of the most innovative and interactive security platforms in the industry. These products consist of Smart Door Locks deadbolts and levers, Smart Un-Wall switches and outlets, Smart Intrusion Siren/Strobe, Smart Plug-In Dimmer and Garage Door Controller, Switch Color Trim Ring Kits and Z-Wave Thermostats and many more automation and accessories.
HIKVISION is our preferred camera and is the leader for CCTV and Video equipment worldwide. Their large array of camera models comprise of HD cameras, multi-sensor with panoramic view, Access Control for card, fingerprint, password, mobile recorders and cameras, thermal imaging cameras, face detection cameras, high contrast lighting cameras, license plate recognition and more. 


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